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Physical Therapy Network




Premier Comp Solutions (PCS) offers direct access to its proprietary network of quality therapy providers experienced in the treatment of workers' comp injuries. 


Physical Therapy                                  Work Hardening/Conditioning

Occupational Therapy                          Hand Therapy

Functional Capacity Evaluations         Aquatic Therapy


• 24/7 Appointment Scheduling – (1-888-594-4001)
• Flexible Referral Process – Via telephone, fax, email and/or Internet
• Prompt Scheduling – Initial Evaluations scheduled within 48 hours

Network Savings

• Competitive Pricing - Negotiated rates below state fee schedule
• Discounts Averaging 30% to 50%
• No PPO Network Access Fees
• Centralized Billing
• Detailed Network Savings Reports

Utilization Management

• The PCS PT Director monitors facility outcomes and provides peer-to-peer clinical reviews

• Encourages network providers to adhere to ODG and APTA treatment guidelines

• Limits self-referral patterns typical in the workers’ comp provider community


If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding this service, please contact us at        

412-494-4001 or