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Injury Management


Reducing the costs associated with workers’ comp injuries while providing injured workers with access to quality care requires a delicate balance.   


Premier Comp’s injury management service provides the tools to help employers achieve this perfect balance.


24/7 Appointment Scheduling (1-888-594-4001)

• Assures injured workers receive timely medical treatment

• Acute intervention establishes proactive communication with the physician

• Guarantees providers receive accurate patient and insurance information

Telephonic Injury Management

• Provides assistance in scheduling appointments for all medical services

• Assures the employer and claims adjuster receive prompt return-to-work information following 

   each exam

• Enhances communication between the provider, injured worker, employer, and claims adjuster

• Significantly increases WC PPO and PCS specialty network penetration

• Guarantees ongoing compliance with established provider panels


If you are interested in obtaining more information regarding this service, please contact us at       

412-494-4001 or